Welcome to ecodhara!

This is my corner to share my experiments and lessons learnt with you all.. The experiments trying to reduce the waste, physical and non-physical!

Inching towards zero waste lifestyle, one tiny little step at a time!

Latest from the Blog

Life without regets

Have you ever thought deep about regrets? These are my thoughts about regrets and minimalism.

Not 100% convinced!

Now we have shifted to our new home and in process of setting it up. Since my husband is permanently working from home, he wants to have a good home office setup. One of the important aspect of working from home is online meetings. If you are going to meet everyone virtually all the time,…

Intertwined Thoughts

We see many photos… of garbage, plastic, dumps, cluttered roads. We look at the photo for two seconds, feel bad and forget the next moment. What creates a lasting impact is the seeing that garbage in reality with our own two eyes, albeit for two seconds. We also feel it when we feel the pinch…

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